What are Cast Iron grills?

The first thing you need to know is that Cast iron retains a large amount of heat. Cast iron is corrosive, so cast iron grills are for the most part coated with either porcelain or enamel to stop corrosion. The porcelain is still prone to cracks and chips, particularly if the grates are mishandled or dropped on hard ground like cement. These chips and cracks will impact the grate’s ability to retain heat and will eventually cause the grates to rust. Non-coated, or bare, cast iron offers greater benefits like its capacity to withstand searing heat and is also more resistant to sticking.

Summary Pros and Cons


  • Withstand searing heat and is also more resistant to sticking
  • Last a long time, but still not as long as steel
  • Retain heat well and for a longer period of time


  • Require maintenance; oiling the grates after use
  • Will rust and corrode over time
  • you most clean the grates when are still warm to take off the residue
  • Take more time and work to clean
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