What are Barbecue Smokers?

Barbeque Smokers are a unique type of BBQ which adds an authentic smokey flavouring to your food. The smokers work by using charcoal or wood burners where you can use different types of charcoals and wood to create different sorts of flavours and smells.

The job of a smoker is to maintain a stable smoking temperature. The traditional smokers burn wood to create heat and smoke to cook your food. Electric smokers need to have wood added to a heated chamber to produce smoke.

A smoker is a complex structure for cooking food at low temperatures in a controlled, smoky environment. There is a lot of unique kinds of smokers on the marked, all from a small electric unit to large smoker rigs which can be significant enough to feed an army.

There are many smoker grills for sale on the marked, but in this article, I have highlighted one particular smoker that gets good reviews on Amazon and is worth checking out

Landmann Tennessee Smoker

Landmann 11094 Charcoal Tennessee SmokerThis Smoker from “Landmann Ltd” has two main body areas; the first being the primary cooking area where you can place your food, and the other is the firebox where you put your charcoal or wood chips. These two sectors each have their own lids for easy access. This BBQ also has a chimney that opens & closes so you can vary the intensity of your food smoking.

This BBQ also includes a lid thermometer wich makes it easy to control the temperature in the cooking area. This feature helps you keep a constant temperature for the kinds of food you’re cooking.

You can use the smoker in two ways. You can either use it as a slow smoker for tender slow cooked meats or use it as a regular barbeque to cook your food quicker.

People who own this Smoker Say:

“Assembly was quick and simple, all parts included and labelled clearly with well written instructions. Even the wheels are sturdy, with rubber tread and ‘Landmann’ branded rims! (No, really!). The BBQ was being ‘burnt in’ within 1.5hrs of opening the box.”

“We just love our smoker! We have been using it almost non-stop since it arrived and we’re just getting better and better at smoking various types of meat. This smoker is exceedingly good value when you consider the cost of many other brands. I highly recommend!”

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