Weber natural gas bbq grills

We first want to look at the difference regarding the fuel sources used by Weber. Weber designs their gas barbeques to be used with propane, which is the most common fuel source. Natural gas, on the other hand, is primarily methane gas. Methane and Propane are very much alike because they’re both hydrocarbon gases and highly flammable. When it comes to BTUs (British Thermal Units) the propane generates 2500 BTUs per unit volume while the methane (natural gas) generates 1000 BTUs. This means that you most burn less propane to produce a particular level of heat.

The advantage of natural gas is mostly its price. Natural gas is cheaper and more convenient when you can hook it up to your houses gas supply because there is no need for gas canisters. If you have a propane BBQ, You can convert it so it can use natural gas, although I will still recommend you buy a natural gas BBQ instead of converting a propane one. But if you still want to convert your gas grill it will be wise to let a professional to the conversions if you plan to go down this route.

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Weber offers a full range great propane gas BBQs that cater for all types of people. Their barbeques come in all sizes, includes small portable BBQs like the Go Anywhere BBQ and larger barbeques such as the Char-Broil T47G gas BBQ.


Weber does not sell barbeques the uses natural gas, but you can get a converter to turn a Weber grill into a natural grill that uses methane instead of propane