Top 3 High-End BBQs UK 2017

When money isn’t an issue, you want the very best. You know the saying “You Get What You Pay For” this may not always be correct, but it generally means the more you pay, the more feature and quality you’ll get.

In this article, we have highlighted tree high-end gas Barbeques which you might consider if you’re looking for the very best quality BBQ that will outshine your lousy neighbour’s cheap bbq.

Outdoorchef Venezia 570 Gas BBQ

Outdoorchef Venezia 570 Gas KettleThe Outdoorchef Venezia 570 Gas Kettle It is a quality gas BBQ. It has two (2-burner) system with an electric one-touch ignition and integrated rotatable flip funnel for indirect and direct grilling.

The BBQ has an Innovative funnel system which plays a role in a carefree and healthy way of life, the system avoiding flare-ups and provides gentle cooking. The two steakhouse burners can reach temperatures around 500 degrees.

The BBQ has a Simple design with spacious granite shelves, self-closing drawer and towel holder and wooden handle around the lid

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Outdoor Kitchen Barbecue Montana 4 Burners Gas BBQ

Outdoor Kitchen Barbecue Montana 4 BurnersThe outdoor kitchen from Montana is an all-in-one complete set outdoor gas barbeque. It comes with four main burners as well as an extra separate side hob with large knobs to easily control the
temperature. It has a stainless steel build and cabinets which give you a lot of shortage space for your barbeque accessories. It even comes with a sink, handy for clean ups afterwards.

Even though it is large, it has eight wheels which makes it easy to move around. This bbq is better suited for larger gardens because of its size. The hood (lid) that comes down over the main grill has a built-in temperature gauge.

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Premier 6 burner Gas BBQ

Fire Mountain Premier 6 Burner Gas BarbecueThis BBQ has six burners in stainless-steel and offers plenty of features for making barbequing easy. The Burners are 12,000 BTU each, along with an infrared rotisserie burner towards the rear. It also includes an extra burner one the side shelf (output 10,000 BTU) that sits under a lid when not being used.

The removable battery-powered rotisserie spike provides a perfect roasted finish each time. The electronic piezo ignition means the burners are safe to light.

The BBQ has plenty of storage space. It also has a side shelf for plates and cutlery. The cart has a hook one side and a wire basket on the other end, along with a spacious cupboard in the middle where one can keep a gas bottle.

The BBQ offers a large cooking area, with its three sections two grill areas and one griddle area, all produced in a high quaily material for strength and durability. With its removable drip tray makes cleaning easy.

There’s also a built-in temperature gauge which enables you to keep close track of cooking without lifting the lid. The wire warming rack inside helps to keep the food heated after cooking.

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