Top 3 Best 2-burner Gas BBQ 2017

2-burners usually don’t cost too much. A 2-burner bbq is an excellent choice for those of you with a small garden. Even though they might be small in size, they are still equal a four or three burners in performance. The biggest difference being their size of the cooking area. In this article, we have features 3 of the best two burners on the marked.

Charles Bentley Deluxe 2 Burner Gas BBQ

Charles Bentley Deluxe 2 Burner Gas BbqCharles Bentley Deluxe 2 Burner Gas BBQ is small in stature but delivers big on features. Priced at only £79.99 makes it a cheap option for buyers. The BBQ is fantastic for both festival trips and camping, and it can easily feed an event of four or even more people. The BBQ quickly light with one easy click, and you can control the temperature by examining the thermometer on the hood.

The BBQ offers two side tables handy for food preparation. It also includes warming rack along with a removable drip tray, for easy cleaning.

You will find additional space for storage underneath the cart. It has two wheels for easy mobility and can be kept in your backyard shed or garage.

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User Say: “This is a great little BBQ. It has 2 side tables, one either side. And I assume the mesh cover is the little curtain on the front. Good quality for the price.”

Outback Omega 250 2 Burner Gas BBQ

Outback Omega 250 2 Burner Gas BBQThe Omega Outback gas BBQ is ideal for small to medium size families; The Omega 250 Hooded Barbeque is an excellent gas burner for both beginner and the experienced.

The Omega Outback gas BBQ comes with two burners under the central cooking area. It also has side burner which is very useful to help keep your food warm, as well as an additional side table to place your cooking equipment. The BBQ has a solid cooking hood/lid that is fully weather resistant and will not rust in the rain.

The Omega 250 offers some of the extras of the larger models at a fraction of the price. Using a Piezo ignition switch is quickly started and has two control dials for simple heat regulation.

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User Say: “Great little BBQ, it did take an evening to put it together, but very sturdy now its done. I’ve had this BBQ for almost a year now, and i’ve used it countless times.”

Outback Trooper 2-Burner Hooded BBQ

Outback Trooper 2-Burner Hooded BarbecueUsually, two-burner doesn’t cost much, but this is an exception. The two-burner Outback Trooper gas barbeque delivers high on features and is worth every penny. At the price £249, it might scare away some buyer who is looking for a cheaper two-burner, but it will intrigue some people who are looking for the very best.

Outback Trooper gas barbeque comes in a traditional outdoor green colour, and it has a beautiful wooden trolley. The BBQ is 100 percent rustproof and has a porcelain enamelled hood which makes it acid and corrosion resistant, heat and flame proof as well as weatherproof.

The Outback Trooper It’s perfect for roasting, grilling and baking. Outback hooded barbeques are very versatile that, after you have finished cooking, you can switch off the BBQ, pull down the hood and the food will keep warm for a good Thirty minutes afterwards.

The grills of the Outback Trooper are created from cast iron, which is renowned due to its durability and will retain heat for more than standard chrome grills. The Outback Trooper features top quality stainless-steel burners, which offer optimum heat output, longevity and performance. Additionally, it includes a warming rack, that is perfect for increasing your overall cooking area.

The Outback Trooper has two side shelves that give you a lot of space when you’re cooking. You can use one shelf for your cooked meat and the other for your raw meat

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User Say: “This is the best BBQ pound for pound on the market, I took four weeks serching all the Garden Centres in a 15 Mile area, This was the best easy as pie to assemble and a real good looker easy to clean and great to cook on won,t let the wife anywhere near,fully recommended.”