Best Small gas grill with side burner

Small outdoor grills are increasingly popular among people living in highly density cities as well as a favorite among campers and travelers alike. But, before deciding on a small gas barbecue, why not go for a Small gas grill with side burner as this will give you addition cooking space. Also, these gas grills often come along with an additional side shelf for your kitchen accessories.

In this article, I have highlighted 3 Small gas grill with side burner which is ideal for small gardens or camping trips.

Outback Omega 250 2 Burner Gas BBQOutback Omega 250 2 Burner Gas BBQ

The Outback Omega barbecue is small in size but delivers big in features. This BBQ is the ideal choice for small to medium size families and is a good gas burner for both beginner and the experienced.

This barbecue uses a Piezo ignition switch is quickly started and comes with two control dials for simple heat regulation. The Outback Omega 250 also includes a side burner with heating control along with a side shelf off to the right. It also has tool holders

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Outback Excel 300 Gas BarbecueOutback Excel 300 Gas Barbecue

This barbecue from Outback offers a Sporting a modern design and in chic grey. This cool looking BBBQ is Ideal for the smaller spaces. the Outback Excel 300 gas barbecue also includes a handy fold-down side table and a side burner, perfect for or preparing side dishes, frying onions, cooking a pan of baked beans or vegetables.

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Campingaz Xpert 200 LS 2 Burner BarbecueCampingaz Xpert 200 LS 2 Burner Barbecue

This solid barbecue from “Campingaz” is an ideal choice for beginners. The construction is simple, yet rugged incorporated with several numbers of carefully considered features including an additional side burner perfect for preparing side dishes.

The BBQ features; a large cooking surface that provides lots of room to cook for the whole family. Lighting the burners very easy thanks to the handy Piezo ignition. The BBQ also features two, fully-adjustable steel burners that provide robust and consistent heat that are fully adjustable which helps you to aim for perfection while cooking. The integrated thermometer makes it easy to keep an eye on the temperature. The robust steel trolley complete with two durable side tables with utensil hooks

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