Top 3 Charcoal BBQs 2017 UK

Invite your friends and family cause its time for Charcoal grilling. Coal grills offer a traditional way to cooking. In this article, we’ve have highlighted three particular BBQs that gets great reviews on Amazon.

Easy Assembly Charcoal BBQ

Charcoal BBQ Grill with StandThis Charcoal BBQ is perfect if you need to feed a big family or friends. It has large grill and works extremely well at big gatherings to feed all of your hungry guests. With the price of just £109 you will get a lot of cooking space for your money

The grill surface is split into two grill racks, meaning it is easy to prepare different foods. As a result of large BBQ, cooking, the proper quantity of food is easy. When your first meals are finished grilling, you can easily control the temperature of your food by adjusting the back rack to a higher or lower position.

It includes a large shelf to help keep your BBQ utensils or food accessible when cooking. And also the additional shelf underneath the grill surface offers much more space for storage.

This BBQ is also very easily assembled. All grill elements are constructed using patent-pending technology. Anyone can set up the stable BBQ in just 3 minutes.

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User Say: “Such an easy bbq to build, great size and results!”

Charcoal BBQ from Azuma Great reviews

Azuma Black Steel Barrel BBQ BarbequeThis Charcoal BBQ from Azuma stands out with its staggering amount of good reviews on Amazon. Based one these reviews alone I can say that this BBQ offers a lot of value. Priced at £119 it doesn’t empty your wallet either.

The BBQ offers a traditional approach to cooking. Azuma Black Charcoal BBQ Creates a level cooking temperature, giving the food a flame grilled appearance. It’s very easy to light, but remember to lit the charcoal forty minutes before you decide to plan cooking to make sure to get a high cooking temperature. You can regulate the heat by lowering or raising the grill. The BBQ also offers great storage space for holding your plates, sauces and condiments

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User Say: “Very pleased with the quality of this barbecue. Assembly takes about an hour if you haven’t got a helping hand, but it’s a perfectly manageable task on your own”

 Robust American-style grill “Toronto” £139

Tepro Toronto Trolley Grill Barbecue- BlackThis American-style grill stands out from the crowd with its robust designed, as well as its overwhelming amount of good reviews on Amazon. The grill cart “Toronto” is man best friend on warm summer nights or throughout the colder months.

Toronto BBQ cart provides a range of possibilities for grilling and turns every barbeque into a celebration. It has many height adjustments. You can control temperature together with the convenient crank. The two-tier design enables you to enclose the cooking area to prevent heat from escaping. The Air vents ensure air flow during grilling and stop the coals from heading out as the lid is down. The grill rack and smooth-action lid make indirect grilling easy. The BBQ has a built-in lid thermometer so you know when you should increase the amount of charcoal.

Whether you cook on the patio or balcony, this grill cart cuts a superb figure everywhere. It also includes a bottle opener and utensil hooks.

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User say: “This BBQ is amazing. I’ve brought a lot of charcoal BBQ’s over the years but this has the potential to last decades. It’s solid and well designed.”


Note: Prepare for the whole neighbourhood to flock to your garden following the unmistakable aroma of tasty foods.